Family Programs

LMI’s Family Programs enable you to align your personal and professional aspirations without sacrificing one over the other. With our five programs, you will discover that when one aspect is flourishing, the other will follow. Our programs empower you and your family to attain the measurable growth of careers, finances and personal relationships.

Building Financial Success

Designed with ten core lessons geared to balance your self-image and money building consciousness. Develop an action plan, managing cashflow, and leveraging untapped profitable opportunities. You and your family will discover the fundamentals to successful, and calculated risk taking while discovering new, unlimited resources of opportunities.

Successful Parenting

Success of every aspect of life, including parenting, rests on how well you set goals and devise plans for achieving them.  Successful Parenting program shows you and your family how to set and achieve goals as one nuclear unit. The program will lead you through the foundations of successful parenting, setting family goals, and communicating and growing with your children.

The Making of a Champion

This program’s initial objectives are to discover your individual sources for motivation, realize your true abilities and then invigorate your personal goals and dreams. Implement proven practices for determination, discover how you can adopt high performance living, and demonstrate unwavering determination.

Attitude is Everything™!

Attitude is everything. In fact, one of his guiding maxims is that, “self‐confidence can be gained only through practical know‐how, know‐how comes from experience, and experience comes from a willingness to confront obstacles and situations that others fear." Will teach you the power of positive expectancy, the difference between winners and losers, and provide you with all the tools to forming a winning and determined attitude.

Achieving Academic Success

Education and knowledge are, and always will be, the cornerstones of success. Achieving Academic Success program will teach you how to enjoy tomorrow’s success today by helping you tap into time and motivation to develop effective study habits that set you along a path to achieving your goals.

Our Family Programs may be a great way for you to achieve your current goals. The most important aspect of any of our programs is you; your level of engagement and participation will go a long way in determining your success.

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